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Akua Naru the star that ended FemArt

Night of May 30 was special for FemArt for several reasons, one of them was the participation of Akua Naru hip-hop artist, also known as poet and feminist, from the US.

Her concert was held at the Red Hall at the Palace of Youth, Culture and Sports, starting from 21:00.

Under the accompaniment of colorful lights and a large audience in numbers she interpreted songs from her new album “The Blackest Joy”.

The singer expressed her regret that she did not know any words in Albanian saying it’s her first time in Kosovo, but believed that music could speak in all languages.

“… It’s great to see people who join in the same space and share

that same space with each other, at the same time and hear the same sound. I believe so we produce energy that is vibrating and healing, “said Akua Naru.

Then she proposed the idea of everyone singing together with her and so they became a single body that sings the same sound.

As a hip-hop artist, composer, poet and singer she travels around the world and tells her stories to often honour her predecessors.

“My music is poetry and I’m just a poet who uses music to show my stories, “she told the public that was accompanying her poetry and song that evening.

She had set her mind to show the world that colored women have room in music.

On the other hand, the enthusiastic audience uttered the words behind her, which excited the singer a lot.

“I can not believe this, you made me cry” she said as the audience had taken the role of a choir.

She showed her concerns about how different companies through music only bring stories that they choose, often sexist, a cult of drugs, commercialism, and violence.

“They follow their agendas, that’s why independent artists are important. The Internet has been a blessing for artists who wanted to share such stories, she said.

She continued to repeat parts of her poems “In life you can be anyone, since I do not know who I speak to tonight, maybe myself. But if you have lost the way and your vision, but still have people in your life good, tell me whether you will give up? ”


What Happens When You Are Desperate? I know you’re not alone! When people say it is impossible do you give up or continue? Someone says you have to move forward.

I do not know who I am talking to tonight, maybe myself “… was part of her interpretation.

It shows how once she had a great dream even though people had locked the door in front of her face.

Even when they told her that you were not good enough, she said “I went on”.

“Today when I went to the hotel, I put on lipstick, I saw my mother looking at me from the back and I said: Mom I did it”,

With her interpretation she advised people to have courage and when you define this within yourself, believe it is a sign to continue.

“Mom I made it, Mom we made it, this is the power of colored music. Believe in the woman’s soul and people’s. We know what needs to be done to change this world, so let’s do it well for our people” were the words with which she finished the evening, to leave the scene for FemArt team who saluted the public until next year.


Fjolla Hajrizaj

Translated by: Vesa Prapashtica

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