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Street performance “Don’t stay silent”

Writing: Fjolla Hajrizaj

Women, girls, men, young children gathered once again by a FemArt activity.

Girls raise their voices! They have decided not to keep silent.

Lying on the ground and covered with a black curtain on the City Square of Pristina, 6 girls

gave an awareness message.

Daniela Markaj, Diana Markaj, Halime Bici, Qëndresa Kajtazi, Genta Ramadani and Xheraldina Krasniqi for the second time performed ” Don’t stay silent “.

The mesh mirrored the isolation and their many movements and often useless efforts to give

an end to the silence that more than anything is a cultural and lack of social awareness.

There are calls to break the silence by loudly giving messages like:

You can not touch my body without my permission! Harassment is punished by law! I’m not a sex object etc.

In the circle that people had created to see the performance, the applause was prevalent.


Translated by: Vesa Prapashtica

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