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At FemArt there is always an opportunity to hear stories from the most inspirational of feminist women who decide nothing before the cause for which they have been long work for.

Today’s panel gathered feminists from Germany and Kosova in Prishtina’s Oda Theatre.

Erika Hugel, an African-American, talked about her experience and how it wasn’t at all easy to be a “woman of color in the white’s Germany”.

Initially, she had to learn how to preserve pride even though she is a woman of color.

Then she clearly explained why she is proud of herself and her cause.

Feride Rushiti, amidst her tears, showed the most painful stories for women victims of sexual abuse during the Kosovo war, for the atrocities committed on their bodies.

She explained how the rape was just a phase of the disaster of their lives and life afterwards was even more challenging.

The central figure that inspired her to follow this path was Mother Theresa and so she worked hard to become a humanitarian of the modern times.

Daghar, another panelist, talked less left a movie at the very end about her life would show her work.

Each of the women gave strong messages of solidarity. “Solidarity is when I hear another woman the same way she would hear herself.”

The film started with confessions of the African-German women who became the first to use this term because initially they used to be called the German-colored women.

The women in the film showed how white Germans did not allow them to forget that they are women of color living in Germany.

Part of the film was also how their poetry talked about life and love because, according to them, “all poems, are love poems”.

Despite differences, work was required, different from each other, but striving for a common purpose.

Their poetry also depicted the love of women (lesbian) and presented it as deeper, because according to them the story of how two lesbian women love each other is not shown in history books and art allows it to be done.

“I write for everyone whom my work benefits.”

The film ended with messages such as:

I am a lesbian, I am a mother also, I am somebody’s sister, I am a person and I am a poet.

Therefore, there is no good friendship without respecting the differences of every person.





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