by vesa

The colorless performance, with many colors

The audience moved everywhere while having their attention directed in every corner of the room.

A girl dressed in white was lying on the floor ripping her clothes off, and a melancholic song accompanied her actions.

In the middle of the room a girl dressed in black colored sometimes with white and sometimes with red a piece of a bordered territory on the room’s floor.

A little further was a boy who sometimes laid on the floor and sometimes sat on his knees and held some pictures that were the same and while wiping the floor dust with them, continued to confuse everyone.

The audience moved… The girl in white picked up the ripped clothes and sewed them with red thread.

Filloi të parakalojë një nuse… Ecte nusja së bashku me publikun që i shkonte nga pas.

A bride started to walk before us… The bride walked together with the audience who followed her.

If you went closer you could see that you were dealing with a performance that is being shown in two rooms, but when you moved further away you cold see three different stories that were being told with the same pain.

In the other room a girl played with a circle in her hands and another girl was being dressed.

After a while the girl in white had sewed her clothes, the girl in black had left her hands on the floor like a tattoo and the boy had gathered his pictures and was lying on the floor.

When one room was emptied the other one was filled. In everything that FemArt presents the public isn’t merely for decoration.

The public walked and tried to understand what was going on.

The bride stopped, the children finished dressing the girl in the second room, the way they wanted to.

The show ended with a lot of systematic cheers and applause.

The actors gathered in the same room. The white wall filled with sticky notes where you could read:

A boy is writing quotes, idiotic references about love for women. Come and join us.

Don’t hesitate!

Everyone wrote a message the way they felt, what they remembered when they saw the subject “woman”…

  1. They had a girl eh?!
  2. Don’t be silent!
  3. I don’t have to take care of myself!
  4. Scream “equality!” loudly
  5. Resistance!
  6. Being a man means respect for women!
  7. She wants to and she can!
  8. Not a “manly” woman, but a woman!
  9. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, it matters if the boy is healthy!
  10. Don’t continue fighting with glands, but with studying and knowledge!
  11. You don’t have balls.
  12. Virginity = honor
  13. Who did you ask for permission to go out?
  14. Equal pay
  15. Long hair, short mind
  16. It’s okay, they left her with a house (which means that violence awaits you everytime you break the unspecified “rules”)
  17. Resistance!
  18. Together!
  19. When you go to your house!
  20. I need feminism – was the last sticky note that was stuck on the wall that was the least white now.

The wall was now transformed into a warm nest with powerful messages.


Fjolla Hajrizaj

Translated by Vesa Prapashtica

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