by vesa

The Girl with the Incredible Feeling, dedicated to Elizabeth Swados

“Her music is so powerful, it’s impossible not to be moved” were the words Zana Hoxha Krasniqi, the executive director for Artpolis, used to describe Elizabeth Swados.

This particular event remembered, honored and thanked the wonderful Elizabeth Swados for her contribution to art in various creative ways. Liz, as the La MaMa team referred to her, could do it all. She composed music, she wrote poetry, novels, directed plays and so much more.

The night began at 19 o’clock with a short clip on Elizabeth Swados composing a song with an audience. After an awe-inspiring video of Liz in action, each of the La MaMa members, George Drance, Kim Ima, Sara Galassin, Onni Johnson and Bill Ruyle, shared their first experiences with Liz. We smiled, laughed and shed a few tears as we listened to the stories of how amazing Liz was, even when you met her for the first time.

As a tribute to Liz, the La MaMa team performed a piece together with some actresses who were part of the Trojan Women performance. More discussions and clips of Liz and her work followed.

“Liz could make a song out of a laundry list,” said George as a few giggled passed through the audience. “We’re going to read a list of Liz’s work and turn it into a song”, he said, and boy did they deliver! They read/sang each and every one of the titles. It was a thrilling experience to see what Liz was capable of doing.

In the end, we all went up on stage and we drew pictures and wrote notes on what inspired us during that night, as a thank-you sign to Elizabeth Swados.

It was a night filled with diversity, a perfect match to Liz’s soul and work.

Written by Vesa Prapashtica

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