The Kings and Queens Concert

The Kings and Queens Concert

Fjolla Hajrizaj

Translated by Vesa Prapashtica


The Kings and Queens Concert of the Sparkly in the Cloud group from England and France brought glamor, liveliness and dynamics to the Hamam Bar in Prishtina last night.

Under the sound of the guitar and the harmony of the voices of the two singers the audience was was continuously growing.

The singers invited the audience to sing and create sounds together.

Even though the clock was about to mark 2, the liveliness of the crowd kept everyone on their feet. The sounds of the guitar, the public’s applause and the singer’s angelic voice gave the room just the right light.

With selected songs and the greatest enthusiasm found in Kosovo they began to tell the stories of their songs and their spiritual connection with Kosovo.

Songs written by the artists themselves consisted of everyday topics for arguments, break-ups and above all, love.

In each line and melody someone at the front or at the back eventually found themselves.

This gave way to hugging, slow movements, and the audience enjoying songs.

Everyone was having fun, but mostly it seems like the singers and the guitarist enjoyed it thanks to the grateful and cooperative audience.

Koncerti ka përfunduar, por sot ende na jehon në kokë zëri i tyre.

The concert has ended, but today their voices still echo in everyone’s head.



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