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Women Artists and Activists Festival

10-16 June 2019, Prishtina, Kosovo

FEMART 7 TH EDITION - Artists and Activists festival “FREEDOM vs SHAME”

For the seventh time, Art and Community Center - Artpolis will organise FemArt festival - Women Artists Regional Festival that will be held in Prishtina during 10-16 June, 2019 (7 days). During the past six editions, the first Women’s regional Festival in Kosovo “FemArt” has achieved its mission of providing a welcoming place for women artists to show their art, inspired by social themes and Human rights in the Balkans region as well as providing an entertaining and dynamic atmosphere for visitors to learn on social issues confronting women of Kosovo, and women artists in particular in the region..

The motto of the festival for this year is Freedom VS Shame thus encouraging women to take ownership of their lives and decision making while promoting a life free of judgment and prejudice. Women are shamed consistently for whatever reason the patriarchal views can think of, that is way with this motto we aim to raise awareness and empower all women regardless of their ethnic, social, racial backgrounds and sexual preferences.

The festival is used as a platform for initiating and presenting ideas and creations that bring ahead the feminist concepts and its developments in Kosovo and advocate for equal women’s rights and peace building in the region. The Festival will bring together 100 local and regional women artists of all experience levels, from first time exhibitors to experienced professionals.

The festival will feature original Artistic creations created by women and will showcase theatre plays and films made by women in Kosovo and in the region, Music concerts, Book promotions, as well as fashion, performing arts, art installations, Poetry, workshops, Panel discussions, street art and other forms of art.

The program of the festival will include but not limit to topics such as: Human rights, Sexual and Reproductive health rights, Transitional justice and peace, LGBTQI rights, Women empowerment, Violence against women, Gender based violence, global and regional exchange successes stories etc.

10 - 16 June






Line Up

10 June, 2019 (Monday)
20:15 – 21:30
Exhibition “Be My Face” / Kosovo
Venue: Hotel Grand

Artist: Eliza Hoxha

20:15 – 21:30
Performance ”After that...”/ Kosovo
Venue: Hotel Grand

Artists: Agnes Nokshiqi & Mjellma Goranci

21:30 – 23:00
Concert – LUCIBELA “Tribute to Cesaria Evora” / Africa - Portugal
Venue: Oda Theatre

Artist: Lucibela; Cavaquinho: José Antonio Guitar: Stephan George


11 June, 2019 (Tuesday)
10:00 – 16:00
Conference – #Unbroken / Wrong place, wrong time – 20 years later
Venue: Grand Hotel

Panel I: “The survivors of sexual violence during 90s war – 20 years later” Panelists: Feride Rushiti-KRCT, Kadire Tahiraj -QPDG, Reyes Charle Cuellar - Gender Adviser/EU, Sabiha Husić - Medica / Bosna&Hercegovina, Mirlinda Sada - Medica / Gjakova; Moderator: Valdete Idrizi Panel II: “No shame in Justice: Addressing stigma against survivor of sexual violence during the 90s war in Kosovo - Government Institutions Perspective" Panelists: Drita Hajdari – Prosecutor, Minire Begaj – Chairwoman of the Government Commission for the recognition and verification of violated persons, Tom Adams - Deputy Head of Mission / British Embassy in Kosovo, Edi Gusia – Agency for Gender Equality; Moderator: Jeta Xharra - Birn Panel III: “Fighting Stigma through Media and Arts - Addressing and acknowledging sexual violence during the war in Kosovo” Panelists: Eliza Hoxha – artist, Ardianë Pajaziti –Kultplus, Ramize Murtezi-Shala – RTK, Valerie Plesch Photojournalist Modertor: Donika Emini – activist / researcher *This conference is organized in partnership with KRCT - Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims

11:00 – 16:30
Masterclass – WikiWomen + edit-a-thon
Trainer: Rina Zhubi + Odeta Doci
Venue: Innovation Center Kosovo - ICK

19:00 – 20:30
Poetry Night & Music “Poetry for Power”
Venue: 'Menza Ramiz Sadiku'

Artist: Ardita Jatru – Greece; Flutura Açka -Albania; Klara Buda - France; Nurie Emrullai – Northern Macedonia; Ilire Zajmi; Sibel Halimi; Donika Dabishevci - Kosova Muzika: Albulena Jashari - singer; Faruk Banjska - guitar; Moderator: Ilire Zajmi

22:00 - 23:30
QUEENDOM / Hungary
Venue: Oda Theatre

Concept and Director: Vernoika Szabó; Artists: Luca Borsos, Julia Jakubowska, Rozália Kemény, Fanni Lakos, Lori Baldwin, Sarah Günther, Veronika Szabó, Viktoria Makra; Consulents: Márta Ladjánszki, Tamara Zsófia Vadas; Costumes: Anna Ádám; Dritat: Máté Bredán; Dj: Vera Vida; Sound and music editor: Dávid Somló;

12 June, 2019 (Wednesday)
12:00 – 17:00
Conference – #Unbroken/ Breaking the Power of Shame
Venue: National Library

Panel I: “Introductory Remarks and Presentation of Report: “Abortions in Kosovo: an analysis of induced abortions and reproductive health from 1999 – 2019” Panelists: Gunther Zimmer - Austrian Development Agency, Hilmi Jashari - Ombudsperson, Visare Nimani - UNFPA, Iliriana Banjska - author of Report Moderator: Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa – activist. Panel II: “Questions and Answers Sessions with the Public” Panelists: Leonida Molliqaj – Investigative Journalist, Iliriana Banjska - Researcher Panel III: “Abortions in Kosovo: Viewpoint of Medical Doctors and Professionals” Panelists: Blerim Syla – Gynecologist/Head of Federation of Health Syndicates in Kosovo, Myrvete Paçarada – Head of Gynecology Department, Mrika Aliu – Action for Mothers and Children, Iliriana Banjska - Researcher Moderator: Ariana Qosaj-Mustafa – activist. *This conference is organized in partnership with Austrian Development Agency – ADA.

16:30 – 17:30
Inauguration of Mural #Unbroken – Promoting and Empowering women through Art
Judith De Leeuw / Netherland
Venue: Student Center

*In cooperation with MuralFest - Ferizaj.

20:00 – 21:30
Theatre Performance “ETYMOS” / Italy
Venue: National Theatre

Choreography: Simona Cieri; Concept: Rosanna Cieri: Music: different authors; Costumes: Sara Galli; Directed by: Rosanna and Simona Cieri

21:30 – 23:00
After Party
LiKWUiD - USA; Lilac (Warm Up)
Venue: Oda Theatre

13 June 2019 (Thursday)
10:00 – 14:00
Workshop – Creating Feminist Posters / Albania - Italy
Venue: Faculty of Arts

Trainers: Blerta Hoqia & Silvia Basso

15:00 – 16:00
Presentation: “Talk with Silvia Basso: Illustration, Language and Invention”
Artist: Silvia Basso
Venue: Faculty of Arts

16:30 – 18:00
Workshop – “Be the Rhythm” YEMADAS/ Portugal (African Dancing and Singing)
Venue: “Mother Tereza” Square

17:30 – 19:00
Panel Discussion “Women Artists on decision-making”
Venue: National Gallery

Panelists: Vjosa Berisha; Dijana Milošević; Besa Luzha; Merita Smaja; Arta Agani; Ema Andrea Moderator: More Raça

20:00 – 21:30
Theatre Performance “La Grand Cahier”/Japan
Venue: Oda Theatre

Director: Akane YAKAGUCHI – Aktors: Seiji Takasugi; Atsushi Heki; Kohsuke Ashiya; Tatsuya; Yasuko Sasaki

14 June, 2019 (Friday)
10:00 – 13:00
“Connect + Engage + Inspire” (FemArt Festival Artists and Activists)
Venue: Etno Village Kukaj

Hiking, sightseeing, rest and relaxation with artists and activists of Femart Festival.

13:00 – 14:00
Workshop – “Be the Rhythm” - YEMADAS / Portugal (African dancing and singing)
Artists: YEMADAS
Venue: “Fidan Lahu” Center - Fushë Kosova

18:00 – 19:30
Sales Exhibition – “Lily of Valley” & Music
Venue: Lapidarium-Kosovo Museum

Curator: Njomëza Luci; Music: Vala Mulliqi / vocal & Denis Rexhepi /guita

21:00 – 22:00
Theatre Performance “Women's Canon” - Premiere
Venue: National Library

Directed by: Arlinda Morina - Actors: Arta Lahu, Kaltrinë Zeneli, Molikë Maxhuni, Qëndresa Kajtazi, Qëndresa Loki, Rajmonda Ahmetaj, Shqipe Gashi, Vjosa Abazi. Production by: Artpolis – Art and Community Center

15 June, 2019 - (Saturday)
13:00 – 14:30
Panel Discussion “Young Peace Promoters from Region”
Venue: Oda Theatre

Panelists: Rreze Abdullahu / KS, Stefana Živković, Duresa Tafa/KS, Vildana Džekman/BiH, Andrijana Kocić/SRB, Jasmina Todorović/SRB, Ana Vasileva/NM; Moderatore: Nertila Qarri Gërguri/KS.

15:00 – 17:00
Book Promotion & Panel Discussion “Intergenerational Dialogue on Feminist Activism in National (Post-) Yugoslav space”
Venue: National Library

Author & Moderator: Vjollca Krasniqi; Panelists: Zana Hoxha Krasniqi /KS, Jadranka Miličević/BiH, Vildana Džekman/BiH, Lepa Mlađenović/SRB, Sanja Dojkić/SRB

19:30 – 20:30
Theatre Performance “Milky way”
Venue: Oda Theatre

Author/Director: Armand Borai; Actress: Egla Ceno

21:00 – 22:00
Artistic Performance & Slam Poetry – “From 'other' to 'self'|
Venue: Oda Theatre

Artist: Uresa Ahmeti Moderator: Genta Sefa

16 June, 2019 (Sunday)
20:00 – 23:30
FEMART FINALE - Closing Concert
Special Guest: YEMADAS / Portugaly; Evolution Dance (Warm Up);Marsela Çibukaj & Vitmar Basha –Albania;
Venue: Oda Theatre

Evolution Dance Kosovo (Warm Up) – Kosova; Marsela Çibukaj & Vitmar Basha –Albania; Special guests: Yemadas / Portugal – A ritual and a deep journey into tribal contemporary trance


  • Yasuko SASAKI

    Merita Smaja

    Qendresa Kajtazi

  • Zsofi

    Labinot Raci

    Gabriela Gonçalves

  • Tiago

    Daniel Gaspar

    Veronica Szabó

  • Egla Ceno

    Armand Bora

    Ana Root

  • Molika Maxhuni

    Vjosa Berisha


  • Judith de Leeuw

    Silvia Basso

    Odeta Doçi

  • Rina Zhubi

    Mjellma Goranci

    Agnes Nokshiqi

  • Eliza Hoxha

    Iliriana Banjska

    Albulena Jashari

  • Ilire Zajmi

    Uresa Ahmeti

    Dijana Milosevic

  • Sanja Dojkić

    Liridona Sijarina

    Atsushi HEKI

  • Seiji TAKASUGI

    Kosuke ASHIYA


  • Arlinda Morina

    Arta Lahu

    Kaltrinë Zeneli

  • Qëndresa Loki

    Shqipe Gashi

    Vjosa Abazi

  • Njomeza Luci

    Nertila Qarri-Gërguri

    Learta Lila

  • Flutura Açka

    Vjollca Krasniqi

    Sibel Halimi

  • Nurie Emuralli

    Klara Buda

    Donika Dabishevci

  • Ardita Jatru

Yasuko SASAKI Born in Kyoto Prefecture. Graduated from Kobe University.Born in a temple with a history of 800 years, but grown secularly and is characterized by its congenital classiness and acquired humanity. Has been recognized as a comedian as well, receiving an award for work at the "Emi Awards(Award for the outstanding comedians of Japan)". Performed at "off-Nibroll", "Toenkai", "Ichigekiya", "GEKIDAN GABAMENTS", etc. Regular appearances in the doll part of Kyoto Non-verbal performance "Gear-".
Merita Smaja
Merita Smaja was born in Berat, Albania. She graduated from the University of Arts - Drama / acting branch. She has worked as an actress in the professional estuary of Peshkopi, continuing as a theater actress "Migjeni" Shkoder. For 5 years she has practiced as a journalist -writer in "Shkodra TV1" television. She has performed over 70 roles in theater, in roles in film, a series, has conducted 6 sections with professionals, 10 directed by students and pupils. She also has received 2 awards as the best actress in thefestivals of theater, the best actress of the year. Merita is the author of 13 books. Now Smaja is a professor at the Academy of Arts in Shkoder.
Qendresa Kajtazi
Qendresa Kajtazi was born on 06.07.1993 in Skenderaj. She lives and works in Pristina. She graduated at the University of Prishtina from the Academy of Arts - Degree Acting. She has played in many theatrical performances by directors and productions from both Kosovo and the world. Some of the performances are:
  • "TROJAN WOMEN" La Mama Theater, New York, production: ARTPOLIS Center;
  • "JAM BURRË" directed and choreographed by: Katarina Maschenka Horn, production: Multimedia Center;
  • "HARROR" From the National Theater of Kosovo;
  • "COPË COPË": directed by Zana Hoxha Krasniqi.Produzione: Artpolis Center, etc
Zsofi has been playing the violin and sing in many different types of band since 1999. Eleven Hold (rock), Matana (world music), Ilhaam Project (World/pop/quantum electronics) and just joined to Yemadas few months ago . She works in a project called Voice Being, where the participants use their own free voice to explore their creative power beyond the personality. "I am really excited to start to play music with Yemadas and having one of my first performances in Kosovo."
Labinot Raci

Labinot Raci- actor

He has completed his studies at the University of Prishtina - Academy of Arts - Degree Acting

Actor in several performances at the Kosovo National Theater, Dodona, ODA Theater, and part of the performances in public spaces.

He has been part of a long movie and some short feature films.

Gabriela Gonçalves
Gabriela Gonçalves "Dance is a state of being, it is a form of communication with myself and with the other, it is the pulse of every form of life that connects everything with the present - the moment is movement." Dancing since birth, Gabriela believes that the body itself is the nature and the center of action of senses, emotions, feelings and all connections with the world. It is through dance that her search reaches a greater meaning. Owner of an open mind, she seeks in the encounter with the other, more comprehensive path, through the body, movement, differences and education. Traveling around the world and learning constantly (body awareness, movement and consciousness methods, tribal and contemporary african dance, flamenco, ballet ...) she believes that we can take our body and soul into our power, because the body is the instrument for the formation of the world, and the modification of itself is the modification of the world.
Tiago has born in Porto, Portugal. He went to study in Brasil in 1999, where he became a Capoeira teacher and than became also a musician and a performer. has been traveling all over the world looking for real inspiration from the source of Africa, India, South America, Cuba. In 2009 Yemadas born in India and have been playing in many Festivals of world music. Tiago is also a music teacher in schools and a facilitator of many different kinds of workshops,in a collective project called Music for All!
Daniel Gaspar
Daniel Gaspar, born in Porto and a percussion fanatic. Starting his musical journey as a DJ playing mainly Funky and Reggae, that soon led him to play with his own hands what he heard. Travelled through many parts of Latin America and Africa (Brazil, Cuba, Senegal...), bringing new influences to the artist.
Veronica Szabó
Veronica Szabó is a freelance actor, director and theatre facilitator. She has graduated in the MA Advanced Theatre Practice studying physical theatre and contemporary theatre practices at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London. She was member of the London Clown School. In her theatre performances she usually breaks the 4 th wall, creating playful, comic and visceral shows. She often invites the audience to play as well. She works around topics of identity, gender and the grotesque. She also creates site specific headphone theatre performances working on the intersection of fiction, the real environment using binaural sound technology. She is member of the international post- species feminist pop punk band, Maria Inkoo. Her works have been presented at theatres and festivals in the United Kingdom (Camden People’s Theatre, Roundhouse, BikeShed Theatre, The Space, Southbank Centre, ICC Speak), Germany (Let me in Festival, Collegium Hungaricum, Montag Modus festival) and Hungary (Bánkitó Festival, Kolorádó Festival, Artus, MU Theatre, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts) and Czech Republic (Prague, Venuše ve švehlovce). She regularly runs theatre workshops for communities as well as teaching professionals (eg. at the University of Theatre and Film arts about different participatory theatre techniques.)
Egla Ceno
Egla Ceno, an Albanian actress. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, Tirana. Master in Body Theater at Academy Folkwang Hochschule, Essen (Germany) Mentioning the work of the Theater Change Zone Castalia, with the renowned director Alejandro Jodorowsky, in Turin, 2006/2007.
Armand Bora
Armand Bora born in the City of Vlore. He graduated from Tirana University in 1991 as Theater Director. Armand Bora is the author of 5 theater playwrights and has directed 25 theater performances, opera and movie. His overseas productions include Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, France, Netherland and Australia. He has written many critical essays and studies on the field of theater and is recently researching for the polyphonic theater.
Ana Root
Ana Root has been a dancer since she was little, with extensive research that began in Ballet and Contemporary, and went through Flamenco, Butoh and Odissi, classical dance in India, where she lived for seven years. In the last years, its exploration goes against the African continent, Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso, where its body finds the inspiration for the last projects. The dancer and dance teacher, is the voice of the music project Yemadas, world music band with 5 discs released, where she developed the passion for music and the natural gift to play different instruments such as Ukulele, Space Drum and multi percussions. She lived and acted in several different countries, until finally taking root in the south of Portugal, where she lives. With the choreographer Madalena Vitorino she develops projects such as "Rastilho", "Mar adentro", "Evaporo 2", "A Cantora Deitada" and recently integrates the project of her sister Mariana Root "Lusitana", dedicated to Portuguese roots, as percussionist, voice and dance.
Molika Maxhuni
Molika Maxhuni is an actress known for Film &Theater .She has graduated from the Academy of Arts in Prishtina in 2014. She has played in 6 feature films and she has performed in many other successful short films. She plays in at least two theater shows per year.She is know as a writer too.She has written and played the lead role in "A Performance" directed by Dritero Mehmetaj which won it's first award for "Best National Film" at DokuFest, Kosovo 2016.Throughout the years she has participated in Master classes by Dustin Hoffman, Lucinda Coxin, Paul Haggis, Kevin Spacey, Nancy Bishop, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Asghar Farhadi etc.
Vjosa Berisha
Vjosa Berisha is a PR professional, Senior Communication Expert and Film producer. She finished her MA studies in Communication, at Westminster University in London, and Contemporary Diplomacy PGD in University of Malta. She is actively involved in Prishtina International Film Festival which she co-founded and holds the position of Festival Director since 2008; successfully runs since 2003, B2 - a PR company based in Prishtina and Tirana, and lately she works as a film producer. Currently, Vjosa is running Europe House in Kosovo, an EU funded project. Her recent film works include The Flying Circus, directed by Fatos Berisha and The Happiness Effect, directed by Borjan Zafirovski, which she co-produced. Vjosa finished EAVE producers workshop in 2015, and is a voting member of European Film Academy since 2013.
TATSUYA Won 2nd place in 2008 and 2nd place in 2010 in the Japan event of "Battle of the Year", the world's top breakdance competition. Finalist in  The world's largest street dance contest "JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT" in 2009 and 2010.
Judith de Leeuw
Judith de Leeuw (JDL street art alias) is a 23 years old street artist and is born and raised in Amsterdam, Netherland. In 2015 she started her first commissioned works, which also caused her to graduate in art & Design in 2016. With a passion for realism, expression and public art a new artist was brought to life. With an already a great reputation as a street artist she managed to travel and paint all over the world.
Silvia Basso
Silvia Basso is a designer and illustrator based in Florence. Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and specialized in Visual Communication at the IUAV Academy in Venice. She works for Lcd Graphic Design Lab and for the Academy of Arts in Florence, where she runs a dedicated editorial work program and manual seals.
Odeta Doçi
Odeta Doçi studied at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. For years she continues to follow the same path, that of justice and law.For more than 2 years she is an editor on Wikipedia, where she continuously contributes her knowledge, helping Wikipedia become more reliable and comprehensive.In addition to editing, she is also an active volunteer in Wikimedians of Albanian Language, helping to organize and execute various activities and projects. Her contribution is highlighted in the development of the Wikipedia Education Program in Albania and the promotion of feminist projects on Wikipedia such as WikiWomen, WikiWomen in Red etc.Odeta emphasizes that her experience in Wikipedia helped her to improve herself by linking to projects and young people who are as passionate as she is in making their knowledge available for others to learn.
Rina Zhubi
Rina Zhubi is an R.I.T Kosovo alumni, a Project Manager for Wikimedians of Albanian Language and freelancer in digital media & communication. She believes with dedication, commitment, and proper research, every task can be put to an end.Her career started in Public Relations, and soon enough her creative, dynamic and eager to learn persona led her in exploring and acquiring new mechanisms in reaching mass audiences, particularly in the digital world. Researching and practicing new skills, she became akin with digital copywriting, blogging, content marketing and social media.Rina leads the Wikimedians of Albanian Langauge furthering Wikipedia’s ongoing search in collecting the sum of all human knowledge. Her contribution is noted with the implementation of numerous programs, activities, and events which empower and engage the Albanian community to contribute and develop educational content under a free license.
Mjellma Goranci
Mjellma Goranci, is a multimedia artist from Kosovo. She started her studies in 1998 and graduated from the Graphic Design branch at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Prishtina and also completed postgraduate studies in multimedia at the same university.Mjellma has been active in the field of art all her time. The fact that art is a beautiful illusion has always awakened her curiosity and has been used as a therapy in many areas.Today Mjellma, is Professor of Design, at the Faculty of Arts, Prishtina, also works as a screenwriter on public television RTK.  
Agnes Nokshiqi
Agnes Nokshiqi was born on 1975 in Skopje, Macedonia.From a young age Agnes showed interest in scenic arts.  While beginning with classical ballet and finishing high school for music and ballet in Skopje, she went to Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje and studied acting. Nokshiqi completed a master’s degree with a theater performance “CIRCLE”, an adaptation from David Hare that combines theater, text(word) and movement, using the Meyerhold system. Agnes work its very rich and full with a lot of different media that involves video clips commercial and movies, and live video performances.Agnes is currently Ordinary Professor at Faculty of  Arts University of Prishtina, Kosovo.
Eliza Hoxha
Eliza Hoxha is an architect by profession, but also known for her works in arts, music, photography and writing. She was a part of many collective exhibitions, while her personal exhibitions to highlight are the ones linked to community issues in Kosovo, such as a multimedia exhibition in 2007 at National Gallery of Kosovo dedicated to missing persons from the last war and also the personal exhibition dedicated to sexually abused women at National Museum of Kosovo in 2014. She was awarded by the Association of Kosovar Architects with a price for “promotion of architecture”  in April 2011. Another award came to her proclaiming here an Ambassador for Environment in Kosovo from BELLS at September 2010 and also from Kosovar Women Network in 2013 for promoting women right in Kosovo. From July 2011 - till 2015 she was a President of the Executive Board of the National Gallery of Kosovo. She is a member of ECP-European Culture Parliament. Two of her works/photos are now a part of the collection of National Museum of Women in Arts in Washington DC since April 2016. She represented Kosovo Pavilion at 16th Architecture Venice Biennale, 2018 - Italy.  Recently she curated an exhibition “Living with the memories of the missing” dedicated to the families of missing persons in Kosovo from the last war – exposed at the Kosovo Parliament in February 2019. The same exhibition went at American Congress/ Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA as a part of the special hearing session of the Foreign Committee for Kosovo victims of the war 1999.  She has a lot of personal and collective exhibition inside and outside Kosovo.
Iliriana Banjska
Iliriana Banjska possesses an MA in International Relations, Conflict Studies and Human Rights from the University of Utrecht, as well as a BA Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology from the University of Utrecht. In the past, she worked at Kosovo Women’s Network, doing research expertise on Gender Based Violence, Gender Responsive Budgeting, Women in Labour and Gender Mainstreaming at local, national and EU level. Currently, she is Kosovo 2.0’s Managing Editor.
Albulena Jashari
Albulena Jashari was born in Prishtina on 03.06.1988. She started playing music since young age. Albulena has completed the faculty of arts, the Graphic branch. She participated in talents shows, continuing in a lot of festivals where was rewarded in good stand. She is also known as a singer- songwriter where she began to create personal songs in the “alternative” genre. Jashari represented Kosovo at Turkçe Vision festival in Turkey. She is very passionate about the guitar and is often presented with playing guitar and singing at the same time through different shows and interviews in the media.
Ilire Zajmi
Ilire Zajmi is a writer and journalist. Author of ten books. Five poem collections.Three published in Albanian language, "Këmbanat e mëngjesit",   "Baladë e bardhë" and "Valsi i mesnatës" ; "Amnesia" published in Portugal by Corpos Editora ,in English,   and "C'est la fin" published by l'Harmattan in France. Author of two novels "Fashitja e ëndrrave rebele"   and "Era" and a publicistic book "Un treno per Blace" , as a co-author with the Italian journalist Filippo Landi,  published in Italian language by La Meridiana publishing house 1999 in Italy. This book is translated in Albanian and Croatian language. "Television pictures and reality" study book. Ilire Zajmi poems are translated in some foreign languages. She is presented with poems in many literary anthologies.Ilire Zajmi is winer of special price for poetry “Venttenale” in the international poetry contest held in Milan -Italy in the 20 -th edition 2011, winer of  the merit prize in Naji Naman literature prize in Lebanon, and national poetry prize "Mitingu i Poezise" 2013. She participated in many international literature festivals and cultural projects.       Member of PEN center and Poetas del  Mundo.
Uresa Ahmeti
Uresa Ahmeti a 19 year old woman from Ferizaj who lives for activism and change. Since when she was 13, she had been involved in the civil society trying to make life easier for her community through activism and volunteering. Now, she is  more focused on her  formal education and change through her  art. After finishing high school studies at United World College Maastricht in the Netherlands, currently she  followes  bachelor studies at Wesleyan University; she carried a full scholarship at both institutions.She is a prospective Gender Studies and Political Science double major. Her  activism lately has taken the form of written and interactive performative art. The breaking of social taboos and norms that inhibit women’s emancipation is where her focus and catalyze her  energy the most.
Dijana Milosevic
Dijana Milosevic is anaward-winning theatre director, writer and lecturer. She co- founded Dah Theatre Research Center in Belgrade, Serbia and has been its leading director for over twenty five years.She was the Artistic Director for theatre festivals, was the president of the Association of the Independent Theatres and president of the board of BITEF Theatre, and a board member of national ITI.She is involved with several peacebuilding initiatives and collaborates with feminists -activists groups.She has directed theatre shows with her company and toured them nationally and internationally.She also directed the work with other companies all over the world.She is a well-known lecturer and has taught at prestigious Universities, writes articles and essays about theatre.She is recipient of prestigious fellowships (Fulbright, Arts Link).She is Professor at Institute for Modern Dance in Belgrade.
Sanja Dojkić
  Sanja Dojkić is a journalist, and a student of the Master's Degree Program in Political Science. She is an activist of the Center for Culture and Feminist Actions BeFEm where she works producer. She is a fellow of the Gender equality studies and training program, University of the United Nations, where he has protected the work for women imprisoned in Belgrade's central prison.
Liridona Sijarina
Liridona Sijarina is a feminist activist working in advancing social justice and gender equality in Kosovo. She has completed bachelor studies at University of Pristina, in Political Science. Actually it is engaged as a researcher in the Network Kosovo Women and ETEA and as an activist at the Collective for Thought and Action Feminist. Previously she worked on other projects that address gender equality in Kosova Women's Network, Kosovo-Women for Women and The Ideas Partnership. Among the main areas of study of Liridon are: feminist epistemology, politics (e gendered) post-conflict and critical theory.
Atsushi HEKI
Atsushi HEKI Born in Kyoto.He is a Japanese traditional and contemporary dancer and choreographer.His latest work “Bird of Paradise” was performed at Kyoto and CAMPO at Teresina (Sao Paulo Japan Foundation /Marcelo Evelin | Demolition Incorporada). Other pieces were performed at Kyoto Experiment Fringe/ ASIA TRI JOGJA(Jogjakarta) / fifoo Program Festival (Vienna) / Kyoto Contemporary Dance Workshop Festival 20th GARA Concert / Institut Francais Kansai (Kyoto) . As a dancer,he has worked with Paula Rosolen, Luis Garay, Senrei Nishikawa among others.
Seiji TAKASUGI Born in 1975 in Hiroshima Prefecture. Graduated from Doshisha University Faculty of Literature.Began acting in college while in university. In 2001 established the WANDERING PARTY, and had been represent it until 2011 dissolution. Joined as a founding member of 2015 Safari P.
Kosuke ASHIYA Born in Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, department of visual arts. Performing in 2005'Can you hear me? -fuga # 3  (author & director / Ota Syogo), 2010 "Ikishima breath island" (author / Matsuda Masataka, director / Matsumoto Yukichi). And in 2013 Kinoshita Kabuki's dance performance "Sanbasou" (directed / Kunio Sugihara) in Chile.
Won the 10th OMS Play Award in 2003, Won the 2007 Young Director Contest 2006 Grand Prize. Studied in Finland for two years on a government scholarship under Finnish National Theatre. Awarded Rookie of the Art Festival (2012), Ryukoku Encouragement Award(2013). Toga Drama Competition for Outstanding Director Award(2015). Atelier Gekken Associate Artist since 2015. Senior Fellow at the Saison Cultural Foundation since 2016.
Arlinda Morina
Arlinda Morina -Director She graduated from Pristina faculty at the Academy of Arts - film director. Worked 12 short films and 4 shows, such as; Movies; No Exit 2010 Archive 2011 Tailoring 2013 Pandora 2014 Tenders 2016 Now in the process of a long movie called Debora displayed; My grandmother 2008 The Marines of Private War 2016 pillowman 2018
Arta Lahu
Arta Lahu (24/02/1996) Born and raised in Prishtina. She developed her passion by graduating from the Faculty of Arts - Degree Acting, where she gained the knowledge and a starting point to become a professional in theater / film / television show.
Kaltrinë Zeneli
Kaltrinë Zeneli was born in 09.02.1995 in Plluzhina, primary school she went in Banjë of Peja by continuing high school of applied arts "Odhise Paskali" for painting, during that time she was active with theatrical performances in the theater "Istref Begolli" also in Peja. She studied in faculty of arts , dramatic arts, acting in Prishtina. Today she continues to  work in her proffesion as an actress.
Qëndresa Loki
Qëndresa Loki, was born on 09 November 1990 in Hani i Elezit, Kosovo, where she finished primary and secondary school. Studies in psychology started at the University of Tetova. At the Faculty of Arts of the University of Prishtina, she graduated in the act of acting, where she is also completing her Master studies at the Acting, Film and TV. Loki has participated in many theatrical performances and art films as professional actresses. She is also an activist on some non-governmental organizations for saving children and women rights She lives in Prishtina
Shqipe Gashi
Shqipe Gashi was born and raised in Austria. In Vienna she went to educational school, where she got in touch for the first time with the world of art through different school plays. After that she was part of two professional theatre plays in Vienna in a youth drama group. In 2012 she decided to study acting in Prishtina and now she is ending her master studies in performance acting. In the meantime she was part of different theatre plays in Prishtina and also in solo performances. Shqipe also works as a drama teacher for children and teenagers.
Vjosa Abazi
Vjosa Abazi - actress, journalist Graduated in 2001 at the Faculty of Arts. Has performed several roles in theater, film and serial. For 14 years worked in KTV, the author of the 'Anima'. In 2018 at the Ferizaj Theater Festival, she was the winner of the best actress award in the episodic role. Abazi was a director of a "Mimoza" broadcast cycle on RTK. Vjosa is finishing her master studies, directed documentary film. Her passion is music, sport and nature.
Njomeza Luci
Njomeza Luci is an artist from Kosovo. Graduated in Graphic at the Academy of Arts.  She has also followed some courses at some of the prestigious schools in Milan and London, where she was trained for: chapels, 15-19 th clusters, pattren, fashion illustrations, high fashion embroidery, restoration and conservation of buildings  old, photos, ceramic. Understanding is an individual business and besides the modes it also works as a costume designer for film and theater as well as a creativity development trainer.
Nertila Qarri-Gërguri
Nertila Qarri-Gërguri possesses a background in Political Sciences (BA). She works on gender equality for almost 7 years now as a member of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) team. She has experience with public outreach, advocacy, networking and CSO development, gender analysis and gender mainstreaming. Her experience also includes her work as a research assistant in three research initiatives, including: the Kosovo Gender Profile; Budgeting for Social Welfare; and No More Excuses: An Analysis of Attitudes, Incidence and Institutional Responses to Domestic Violence in Kosovo.
Learta Lila
Learta Lila (stage name LILAC) is an underground electronic music female artist from Prishtina. She has established an active presence in the DJ scene for over two years. Her taste in music spreads accross various deep melodic tunes genre which radiate a positive energy at parties and events. She looks forward to pursuit her passions and work through experimenting various tracks for the crowds and atmospheres.
Flutura Açka
Flutura Açka (Elbasan, 1966) is an Albanian-Dutch poetess, writer and publisher. She graduated in Statistics from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Tirana in 1988 and Language and Literature from the University of Elbasan in 2001. Following her graduate studies, she worked for a number of years as a journalist, later on as administrator and editor for publishing houses. In 2001, together with her Dutch husband, she set up her own publishing house based in Tirana. In 1997, she received the "Lyra of Struga" International Award at Struga Poetry Nights, where for several years she has been representing Albanian poetry. In 1998 she was selected among the 13 best European poets of the new generation in a competition for the great Tivoli-Europa Award in Italy. She is represented with her poetry in most of the Albanian anthologies in foreign languages ​​and her poems and collections have been published in many languages. Her poetry collection "Fear of oblivion" was published in Macedonian language in Skopje in 2002. Her first novel "A Woman’s Solitude" was translated and published in Bulgarian language in 2006 as part of a series of seven contemporary authors from the Balkans. In 2009 she received the “Serembe” award for the best prose with her novel "Cross of Oblivion". In 2011 she received a second award for best poetry in the poetry event “Poetic Drin River” in Prizren, handed over by the League of the Writers of Kosovo. In 2013 she received the Best Novel Prize at the Book Fair of Prishtina. Her second novel "Cross of Oblivion", published in Dutch in 2014, was rated with four (out of five) stars by Dutch critics. Flutura Açka splits her life between Tirana and Utrecht, the Netherlands. Published books: Three Autumns Away (Tri vjeshta larg), Poetry, 1993 Walls of Solitude (Mure vetmie), Poetry, 1995 Feast with anxiety (Festë me ankthin), Poetry, 1997 The Song of Arethusa (Kënga e Aretuzës), Poetry, 1998 A Woman’s Solitude (Vetmi gruaje), Novel, 2001 The Sun’s Trap (Kurth’ i diellit), Poetry, 2002 Poetry, Poetic Works 1993-2003, 2003 Cross of Oblivion (Kryqi i harresës), Novel, 2004 Grace (Hiri), Novel, 2006 Barefoot (Zbathur), Poetry, 2007 A Winter Prayer (Lutje dimri), Selected Poems, 2008 Where are you? (Ku je?), Novel, 2009 Moaning of the Rain (Rënkimi i shiut), Poetry, complete edition 1993-2011, 2011 Dolls without a Homeland (Kukullat nuk kanë Atdhe), Novel, 2013 An Invitation to Flirt (Ftesë për flirt), Poetry, 2015 Invited to the Tenth Circle (Të ftuar në Rrethin e Dhjetë), Novel, 2017 Light Guardian (Roja i dritës), Poetry, 2018
Vjollca Krasniqi
Dr. Vjollca Krasniqi, is a sociologist. She is professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Prishtina. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Ljubljana, an M.Sc. degree in Gender, Development and Globalization from the London School of Economics, and a BA degree in Philosophy and Sociology from the University of Prishtina. Her research interests are gender, nation and collective memory, post-war reconstruction and post-war justice, social policy and human rights. She has written widely on political, social and gender developments in Kosovo. She has led/participated in numerous international research projects and academic conferences. She has been active in the women’s movement in the Balkan.
Sibel Halimi
Sibel Halimi is a renowned sociologist and poet. She deals with socio-philosophical problems, and her writings and poems were published in Albanian and foreign journals. She has published two poetry books so far: “The Garden of Sins" (2002) and "The Being Does not Reside Here" (2013) as well as the publicity book entitled "Society in Alarm" (2017). She is attending her doctoral studies in the field of sociology, focusing on the body as a philosophical, sociological and feminist problem. She is also a women's rights activist. With her engagement, she has managed to put some issues that relate to women at the focus of public debate. She has published an array of researches in the field of social and gender studies.
Nurie Emuralli
Nurie Emrullai Born in 1992 in Kercova, Macedonia, and recived her BA of Albanian Language and Literature and is in the end of the MA of Albanian Language. Mostly she writes poems, most of them are published in different magazines, one of them is The Literature Magazine of Tirana ‘Illz’. She was the representative of literature in the CEEC Literature Forum in Ningbo, China. Also she was represent with her poems that speaks about women, in the exhibition ‘Vajza, jo nuse’, that was on 8 March ’18, in Zurich, Switzerland. Currently she pursue some important courses that have to do with poetry and literature.
Klara Buda
Klara Buda is a writer, academic and women rights activist. Her University work includes: A Literary Biography of Mitrush Kuteli and comparative translation of his Novel, My County know how to drink Raki, Éditions Fauves, Paris, 2016 (in French) and Is forgiveness a leap we must risk? her Ph. D. Thesis on progress, based on the French’s philosopher Derrida work (in English). Her Novel Woman Whispering, MAPO, Tirana, 2017, whose central woman figure felt to be heard received both critical and public acclaim. It affirms the conviction that no system is able to completely erasing individual freedom and will, an ongoing publishing in French. Kosova Mon Amour, Pema, Pristina, 2017, is a collection of essays on Totalitarianism and Kosovo War. Ms. Buda is the co-auteur and second signature of The fate of Kosovo Common Declaration on Basic Principles, the petition of French Intellectuals to the French Government to stop ethnic cleansing and terror in Kosovo, in June 1998. In 2014 she lanced in NY Mother of Courage Event to collect real stories, an ongoing documentary on Woman Leadership. A graduate from the prestigious École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) in Paris, before giving all her time to the fiction, Ms. Buda was editor-in-chief and Head of Department at Radio France Internationale, RFI. Her online Gazette Klarabudapost.com stand up for the Woman Rights, Independent Journalism and Peacebuilding in Balkans.   http://klarabudapost.com/?fbclid=IwAR0pn1RrW8YSRIGQwWbuzVvMXzU2cYrjqmiDoj5kDkx6T1x2LyGhl9raCLc
Donika Dabishevci
Donika Dabishevci (1980) was born in Prishtinë. She graduated on Albanian Literature at Faculty of Philology at Prishtina University, where she got the Master Degree too, while she continued with her PhD studies at the Department of Literature - Tirana University, and her dissertation was “The Prose Poetry of Albanian Literature”. She teaches at a private university in Prishtina, and her professional experience is closely linked with the media field too, working for RTK for 13 years, now running and managing “GazetaObserver” for two years. She has published two books: ‘Krizantema të plasura’ (1996), “Imazhe të brishta” (2004), “Proza e poetizuar - F.Konica, M. Frashëri, E. Koliqi, M. Camaj, M. Hanxhari” (2015), “Kam me ardhë si deka” (2015), “La tua robinja” Romë, (2017.)She is member of Kosovo PEN Center and Kosova Poets Club. She presented her studies and papers at dozen of conferences and seminars related to Albanalogy and Journalism.
Ardita Jatru
Ardita Jatru was born in 1972 in Tiranë, Albania. She has published three poetry books and a novel. Recently it has been published in english her poetry book, «66 kilos of solitude « , by the Transcedent Zero Press (USA). Her poems have been published in several international magazines and poetry anthologies. She lives in Thessaloniki since 1990, after the collapse of communist regime.


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