Art and Music – The perfect combination


Art and Music – The perfect combination


If the beauty of acrylic paint on paper doesn’t dazzle you enough, the accompanying soft music creates that perfect touch of inspiration.


Besides the many performances and panels part of the Femart Festival, exhibitions are no strangers. This particular exhibition held on the 4th day of Femart presented the beautiful paintings of Laureta Vinca Mulliqi, an artist from Kosovo.


The paintings showed portraits of women, with different techniques of color and shapes. The exhibition and concert was held in the National Library of Kosova, with its circular main hall making it the perfect venue for this event. The paintings were situated on the steps of the hall which didn’t interfere with the music or movement. As you walked by each painting, admiring them passionately, the beautiful voice of the soprano Kaltrina Miftari gave a calming air to the room.


Njomza Kastrati was the mastermind behind the keyes: the pianist. She played every note gracefully and accompanied Miftari while she sang. Kastrati, together with Gentiana Ahmeti on the flute, filled the hall with Tchaikovsky’s Aria. The elegance of the piano combined with the easy and light charm of the flute created a mood just about perfect for an exhibition.


With that being said, the next time you think of hosting an exhibition, arrange for some classical music to accompany it. Art and music truly is one of the best combinations to have ever been formed.

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