FemArt brings the story of women over the years forgetting ethnic grudges

Theatre Oda was in high spirits by the warmth of history and love for an emancipated society. Two brave lady fighters, in this case with no weapons, attested how the peace should be defended

On the fourth day of its third edition, FemArt hosted a rather significant panel titled “Feminist Role Models” which highlighted the firm fist of the women throughout the years.

At today’s meeting were discussed significances, shortcomings, changes, challenges that followed the girls and the women in their struggle for their own rights.

Sevdije Ahmeti one of the first Kosovar women feminists and Ljerka Curcin founder of one of the largest feminist movements in Serbia, were found next to each other forgetting the ethnic grudges so as to call for the attention to the importance of the collective good.

Both women, unfolded memories and truly showed that union indeed becomes strength.  They showed that the laborer arm of the woman as well as the free speech have crossed and connected life paths, enabling justice to society.

Sibel Halimi was the moderator of this panel that contemplated the journey from the past into the present, often voyaging the audience across the chapters.

Ahmeti mitigated the barriers by expressing her grief against successes, bringing us the mixture of emotions that women have experienced in the 90-ies. She repeatedly stressed that feminism is nothing other than the right of the women, and certainly her opinion was backed by Curcin.

“Precisely in the 90s feminism had been a taboo topic and women that stood up to defend their freedom were called lesbians. It was hard for me, I had a lot of criticism, insults, and even political parties suggested that the time was not appropriate to deal with feminism because the timing was right to protect domestic law”, said Ahmeti.

While Curcin said that her obstacles were similar to those of Sevdije, for she as well went in this direction at the same time as the latter.

“I have been identified as lesbian, transsexual person and that doesn’t mean that I am against free choices of these persons, however I was representing myself and feminism”, added Curcin.

These women proved their countries the importance of being a human being; they witnessed the world the power of women and at the same time their resemblance with other women anywhere geographically.

The panelists appealed to the women not to surrender themselves to the paths of life, but to believe in themselves and in ideas, to build mutual bridges, to cooperate with each other, and find understanding along with tolerance for the packages that life presents, because the main principle of being a feminist is solidarity.

Women and men are equal, even law protects them equally, but what remains to be done is action. Constraints are not moral norms and fear should not rule where there is freedom, the frames of life are not of the same shape, they alter, and change to adjust, and to give color.

The audience hasn’t had enough of stories about the women and neither have they distracted their attention till the end, nay they were commenting how fast the time flew while they were leaving the doors.

The message has been conveyed and every guest got a baggage of information that will serve and motivate them onward.

Feminism is living evidence that women have the right, within every man emanates feminism, feminism does not discern one, and feminism means life!


As well, find included two links of the world’s largest media that wrote about the story of Kosovar women and painful obstacles that battered their lives.




Whereas , the next Panel Discussion will take place on Sunday (tomorrow) at Oda Theater, on the topic: “International Day of the Girl Child”. Panelists will be: Visare Mujko Nimani, Linda Gusia, Merita Limani.



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