Frau Vladisch Circus

Frau Vladisch Circus


FemArt had something to entertain kids too. It was the circus “Frau Vladisch” by director Jana

Korb who was playing on the fifth night of the festival.

The scene was equipped with some things like coffee cups, iron for ironing, string on which

the performer hailed from the height.

With the change of ropes, the stories changed, the liveliness increased.

As you turned your head to the audience, the children danced from the chair with enthusiasm.

Her slow movements resembled those of cartoon heroes. She still went around from

one rope to another.

A saxophone, an iron, a circle were hanging, she passed them, drank coffee and striped

Her clothes and touched the scene’s zenith.

Still, she turned her head to the ground, made mimics and you could hear laughter.

In Femart, though all forms of art are combined, the festival has a drawback. It ends!

Tick tacks of the clock, gestures and gestures until everything finished leaving us a bit of a foggy concept.

In the end the compliments flooded, sympathy was clearly evident.

In a brief conversation with the author she said: However the system of everyday life,

we do not have to feel old.

The author had tried to show that even on the wrinkled face of thin hair childish gestures could

raise up from the soul.

“I wanted to show how the life of a woman who does not have to feel old could be. The idea and

everything else was mine, while for realization ive had help”said Jana Korb for Femart.


Translated by: Vesa

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