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Gender-based violence on banners

The panel was led by Lepa Mikolic, if it can be said so because it was very interactive.

The girls had formed a circle and each presented themselves.

It was a personal nature workshop where each one presented herself, dreams, aspirations, imagination …

At Lepa’s request names and surnames will not be mentioned, but only impressions.

Small feminism banner messages were distributed everywhere:

“The woman can do whatever she wants” was the main motto.

Around the flowerpot surrounded by some stones and cakes the workshop like often was devoted to emotions and experiences.

“The experience of any woman is equal to the other. I work with the women who have experienced

violence since 1990. I had two purposes: To learn about ourselves and our emotions and raise the energy of the other, “said Lepa.

The second part was devoted to reading the matrix and showing the emotions that reading it brought.

Stories telling about music, reading, art, and peace were started.

Powerful messages were given such as: to pray that you could sleep comfortably, love yourself and not get on the other’s back, pay attention to yourself.

They also talked about the girls’ experiences from the villages and their journey twice as hard to feminism, emancipation and progress.

“Living in the countryside is a pretext to think that you’re not worth much. My call was to fight the violence of men on women. We need to train these people to love each other, “said one.

The next woman coming from the US said that courage is needed to break the frames,

She told us how she had mentioned the word “shit” a few times during a diploma work and instead of reprimands won the her friends’s sympathy and definitely the work was cancelled.

Lepa mentioned that sometimes the little good things that you do for yourself make you feel better, “for example I have started to ride the bike after many years and I saw that I missed it a lot. ”

Our life is our project from the beginning to the end.

We must not forget that nature welcomes us. Imaginary nature reminds us of everything.

This is among the last panels Lepa held during her stay in Prishtina for FemArt.

She pledged to continue her work on feminism, human rights and especially her communities.


Fjolla Hajrizaj

Translated by: Vesa Prapashtica

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