Get in shape with Masala Bhangra

Get in shape with Masala Bhangra


Have you ever heard of Masala Bhangra? No? Well then, prepare to be amazed.

Masala Bhangra is an indian-based dance workout which helps people of all ages to stay fit or loose weight. Not only does it promote a healthy lifestyle, it is insanely fun!  “Masala” means spicy in Hindi, and “Bhangra” is a traditional folk dance from the northern state of Punjab, India


As a life changing experience for under an hour, Masala Bhangra will combine dance and fitness and have you jumping around the room. A few things you can expect when being part of this work out are: burning up to 500 calories per workout, building stamina, endurance and balance, toning your body and having a blast.


Part of FemArt was a Masala Bhangra Workshop by George Drance. He had learned this bollywood dance-workout in New York and had brought it to Prishtina specifically for the festival. Participants of the workshop learned a variety of moves combined into one short dance routine to the up-beat momentum of Indian music. It takes a lot of energy to complete these moves, but with a little practise and effort you can learn the routine and laugh as much as you dance.


Masala Bhangra was by far one of the best events that were part of FemArt. Another reason why this dance-workout is so wonderful is yelling “Balle balle!” over and over again. Apparently, “Balle balle!” is a sign of happiness in Punjabi, just as “Hooray” is in English. Everytime we completed a move correctly we yelled “Balle balle!” and we laughed and put our hands up.


If you want more information on Masala Bhangra, check out this page:


Written by Vesa Prapashtica

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