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Goals and imagination – challenging who you are

We all have goals, dreams and aspirations. We all want to make our mark on this Earth and be remembered. We want to achieve goals, make dreams become a reality and touch the stars. However, how many of us have had the chance of actually sitting down and thinking of everything we want to do? How many of us have created a plan?


To help with this issue, Femart Festival organised a workshop called “Who do you pretend to be? Who are you really?”. The trainer for this workshop was Elvira Haxhiaga, and she said that this topic is crucial to the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing of people. Being a therapist, she saw a need for such a topic in our society.


The most notable part of the workshop was that the participants had to write part of a book, as if it were to be written by a journalist, about their lives. They had to imagine that this journalist was writing about their achievements in life. As one of the most important activities of the workshop, there was also a bit of hesitation. The trainer continuously asked them if they dared to write about everything they wanted to achieve. When I asked her what she thought about this hesitation, she replied with “they are limited, they don’t even dare to fantasize and dream.”


How many of use do not dear dream? What could be the cause of this? I asked Haxhiaga about whether she believed that external or internal factors contribute to this limitation.

“It’s both of these factors. First they were limited by external factors which later became their own internal factors.”


This workshop will help the participants be more aware of the power of their own decisions. Haxhiaga emphasized the everyday choices we make. All of these choices should matter, and each person should be aware of the reason they are made. “Are they made for yourself or someone else?” – was her question. You should think about what makes you happy as a person, and not do it for the sake of someone else’s wishes. You shouldn’t do something that makes other people satisfied or happy, but leave yourself unhappy.The participants, after the workshop, will be able to distinguish who they pretend to be, and who they really are – just as the title states.


Some of the participants declared that they had difficulty writing the stories. Some had never thought about it before and some didn’t dare to fantasize. While one story followed a participant through the world and outer space, another story focused on the charitable deeds of the participant.


With hopes that we may break through barriers that we have accepted to be put into, each and every one of us should start writing our story. Write your story as if no one is going to say “no” or “you can’t do it”. Dream as if no one is going to limit you, and even the sky won’t be your limit. That is what I learned from the workshop.

Vesa Prapashtica

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