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Her Paper House – Fragility and the internal world through ballet

You can tell a lot about a work of art by simply referring to their title. “Her Paper House” is a ballet performance which seemed to take us into the mind of the dancer and her world. Christina Coleman performed the character of a young and happy woman, who is protected by paper.


The show began with the dancer lying on her back and reading a book on the right edge of the stage. She seemed to be having the time of her life, smiling and turning. This book probably is her favourite, a means to drift from reality and delve into another world of her own.

In an instant, there is a shift in mood. Someone is trying to take her book! She’s pulling and pulling, she’s not letting go. But, she is finally forced to give up her beloved possession.


The screen on stage, which looked like a paper wall, had different videos of lines projected onto it and they had a wavy motion guiding them. When the lights turned red, the emotions and feelings instantly changed. Together with a heightened beat and somewhat vigorous movement from the dancer, you could sense the tension and unease growing inside the dancer’s world. When the light turned blue again, everything seemed to go back to normal. The dancer cried out “Hello John” with a smile, and the lights went out.


Who is John? Why did everything go back to normal when this “John” appeared? Was this a reality check? So many questions seemed to come from all directions. Quite a hangover leaving you even more interested and hooked on the performance, even after it was over.


“Her Paper House” showed how fragile a human being can be, and how those paper walls built up to protect you can be easily teared apart from those around you.

Written by Vesa Prapashtica

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