by vesa



Translated by Vesa Prapashtica


You may think of it as a call to not go out at night, but it was far more than that.

Do you know when you are tired of everything in life and you do not know what to take or what to give her?

In the crowded hall of the Oda theater, a mother and a girl were having a dialogue, apparently the first normal one.

The mother, who ate cakes, and daughter, looked for her father’s gun to clean it.

Consecutive cigarettes were lighted and smoked, so something painful was expected.

The girl began to complain about her son, that no one knew where he was and that he was dealing with a theft.

A kind of dialect war developed and at the end of each sentence the girl’s part increased.

“I’m going to kill myself ma”.

“Death is everything. Death is anyone I know, so I’m not afraid of it!”

“Family is an accident. You did not choose it!”

Between the walls of the house, there was a girl who decided to die and a mother who tried everything to convince her otherwise.

“I want to kill myself and to save myself from family” – the girls’ words echoed, meanwhile the chairs were occupied and curiosity had reached the sky.

The girl suffered from epilepsy, and her father, whom she had loved dearly, suffered the same.

On the other side there was the mother who tried, even though everything she did wasn’t enough for her daughter, just as it wasn’t enough for her father either, who had never loved his wife.

The girl who was tired of everything continuously said that she is a mess inside and out, and she remembered her divorce from her husband and her child’s’ problems (the drugs).

“I want my life to be better, but I can’t do it” – said the girl.

Meanwhile, her mother tried to make some chocolate milk for her, even though she hated it.

“I will do everything tonight, only to keep you alive” her mother said to her.

While she looked for her apple and candy, the daughter drew on the floor a square, and she began to play inside those chalked borders. Weirdly, her brief throwback to childhood made her laugh.

The hand of death was all around the room, and the poor mother drank the milk, even though she hated it.

Time came for the truth of the girl’s illness and the truth of her father to finally unravel: the (not real) reason why he didn’t love his wife and the reasons why the girl had divorced her husband!

“He had mercy for me, I didn’t love him and he didn’t love me” – explained the woman who looked as if every emotion in her body was frozen.

And the girl said that she loved her father more than her mother, but he remained a stranger.

The mother said that hadn’t been a problem, as she had loved him enough for the both of them.

The girl didn’t listen to her mothers’ pleading, and she didn’t shake at her mother’s tears and entreaties, whom with her departure would leave her old mother alone.

She put on the red dress, put on her bright lipstick which is a sign of desperation in every woman, the mother tried, to no avail, to tell her to give her a manicure and do some other things.

She climbed the stairs…

“How should I let you go when you are my child” –  said the mother.

“I am what is left of your daughter” – the daughter replied.

She said her last dark joke: “Oh ma, you liked the priest at my fathers funeral, call him to mine as well”, and the mother and daughter cried and laughed together.

The lights went out, the curtains fell… the end!

Night ma! (So, “night ma” was the last time, when she said goodnight to her mother)

Everything ended in bringing the actresses 4 times back to the stage with applause and cheers.

If I’m not wrong, art, besides the message, gives deep feelings as well and the show made almost every single audience member cry.

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