Get in shape with Masala Bhangra   Have you ever heard of Masala Bhangra? No? Well then, prepare to be amazed. Masala Bhangra is an indian-based dance workout which helps people of all ages to stay fit or loose weight. Not only does it promote a healthy lifestyle, it is insanely fun!  “Masala” means spicy […]

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T May 28 Pristina Fjolla Hajrizaj Gender-based violence on banners   The panel was led by Lepa Mikolic, if it can be said so because it was very interactive. The girls had formed a circle and each presented themselves. It was a personal nature workshop where each one presented herself, dreams, aspirations, imagination … At […]

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Girls run the show this time as well   On the last day, like almost every other day, girls were selected for the theatrical performance, among the most unique and the most restrictive of FemArt, because everything that was happening there had to remain there. The performance “Daughters” by Jillian Greenhalgh is part of the […]

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Frau Vladisch Circus   FemArt had something to entertain kids too. It was the circus “Frau Vladisch” by director Jana Korb who was playing on the fifth night of the festival. The scene was equipped with some things like coffee cups, iron for ironing, string on which the performer hailed from the height. With the […]

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Challenges and the dream of overcoming constraints   Everyone faces challenges on making their dreams come true, but when restrictions are added to these challenges, the road gets a little rocky. However, this does not mean that you need to stop dreaming and stop working on overcoming these restrictions. On the fourth day of Femart, […]

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  Art and Music – The perfect combination   If the beauty of acrylic paint on paper doesn’t dazzle you enough, the accompanying soft music creates that perfect touch of inspiration.   Besides the many performances and panels part of the Femart Festival, exhibitions are no strangers. This particular exhibition held on the 4th day […]

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