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On the second day of FemArt we met the poet Qibrije Demiri- Frangu, one of the first women poets during the early 90s. Her poems were beautifully read by our two great artists Melihate Qena and Anisa Ismaili, while the moderator Naime Beqiraj made the discussion even more interesting with her artistic and unique perspective […]

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Historically women’s bodies were an important theme of the social norms, linking them with the gender norms especially. As most of us might recall some of the famous phrases as we were growing up; do not sit like that-you’re a woman, you shouldn’t be wearing that-it’s too revealing, you shouldn’t be wearing that-it’s too mannish […]

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FemArt, the feminist festival starting with a Stand-Up comedy, it must be fun, right? Some would say, aren’t they the “serious, radical” feminists who know no jokes, do feminists tell jokes after all? Well, be ready to laugh I would say, maybe learn something on the way…and maybe get hurt a bit, but, enjoy it, […]

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If I were to choose the three things that changed my life while growing up, they would be art, activism, and feminism. This might sound too platonic for most of the people, but believe me, it’s not! It is actually the most realistic and practical thing you can think of. Growing up in a patriarchal […]

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