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The two F’s: Film and Feminism

Saturday night was reserved for a movie marathon with 8 films. So how do these films relate feminism? –  you might ask. All of these films have different themes and portray various issues, but they all have one thing in common: they’re directed by fabulous women around the world. The host for these films was the newest cinema in town, Kino Armata.


The first film on the list was More Raça’s award-winning “Home”. It’s a film about a woman in her thirties who is crushed under Kosova’s patriarchal oppression. She has no inheritance, as her brothers divided it amongst themselves.


“Lorde of the house”, directed by Danielle Bremer from the Netherlands was the next film on the list. The film follows the story of a rebellious Kosovar midwife who fights for acknowledgement from her family which has always lived by century-old Albanian traditions based on male-dominance. She longs for respect and appreciation, but “The Kanun”, a book where old society customs are written in, still has a somewhat influence in today’s society.

changing and people search for their own position in this new reality.


Another film screened was “Heaven has been fooled” by Odeta Stabenow from Albania. Based on a story of a young girl named Vesa, a former singer who meets a fan of hers. This fan tries to shed light on her life.


Amongst others, “Cut” was another film screened that night. Directed by Eva Sigurdardottir from Iceland. Chloe, a 17-year-old who has been the victim of revenge porn, decides to enter a fitness modeling competition in order to change her image, but she faces great difficulty. The film shows how hard Chloe tries to redefine her life and create a new image of herself.


The fifth film screened was “Dive”, by Marianne Amelinckx Labrador from Venezuela. The film describes a story of love and hate inspired from Marianne herself. She has said that the film was inspired by an image she envisioned two years before the film was created, of two young girls laughing on a diving porch. The film’s original title is “Salta”.


“Salvation”, directed by Thora Hilmarsdottir. “Salvation” tells the story of Katrín, who wakes up in the hospital after a serious car accident to find that she has received a life-saving blood transfusion. However, the religious cult she belongs to forbids such things. As Katrín struggles to reconcile this conflict with her church and family, she begins to become obsessed with the stranger whose blood is now flowing through her veins.


Sonja Kessler’s “Globalizing Beauty” was the next film on the list to be screened. You can see a 23 year-old german Angelina, who wants to undergo cosmetic surgery to look like an Asian. The film accompanies her on her journey to the Global Center for Plastic Surgery: Seoul, South Korea.


The last film, but not the least, was “The Award” by Lidija Mojsovska.The story follows a ten-year-old Albanian Muslim boy who decides to take part in a religious competition organized at his school on the occasion of the Christian holiday of Epiphany, in order to win the 10,000 dinars prize and thus help his hard-hearted brother.


Vesa Prapashtica

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