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Pristina, 30 May


Thinking through design is a way of not only forgetting, but also solving problems through art.

You can learn this lesson from the fifth day FemArt workshop.

How peace can be found by designing different things, during which the participants crucified their problems.

Erëza Gjikolli, leader of the workshop, said “thinking through design” could be applied in every field. It may be applicable to any workshop.

Through purse designing, all stages of designing were taught. Phases such as ideas, designing and gathering information for a handbag.

Even Abetare Gojani, from the IPKO Foundation, said that thinking through art tends to teach that even the toughest things or even the concrete ones can be presented through drawing.

During the time, participants could see a table where the words: understand, merit, text and empower orbited.

They tried to find materials that were more specific and useful to give participants to create their own product.

“It will serve them in the future to know how to create things themselves”.

Participants say they were able to speed up problem solving.

During the process of creating wallets, participants each gave an idea of what they thought they would need. This made us realize that people’s needs are not the same, as are the problems.

Except that art is a common way of solving and addressing these two.

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